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Previously a store for exotic homewares, Inside Morocco has since transformed into an enticing restaurant offering a taste of traditional Moroccan food that is sure to excite tastebuds. Set in Norwood, this venue makes an ideal place to enjoy a flavoursome feast before heading in or out of the city, or for those in need of sustenance with a kick of spice after perusing Magill Road’s boutique fashion stores. Surrounded by intricate patterns and vibrant colours, feel compelled to order a delectably sweet breakfast such as the Croissant Crescendo - a hot croissant topped with fig, grilled banana in butterscotch sauce, double cream and toasted seeds and nuts, or dive into a more traditional Shakshouka of beans in a tomato, capsicum and onion sauce with poached eggs, spices.

Eat at Inside Morocco.

Indulge! Our food is delectable and our coffee the best. We serve the most delightful Moroccan mint tea, or choose from our other 15 varieties of tea. If we do not have what you are after on your first visit, tell us and we will definitely have it on your next visit.

Our cakes and muffins are baked on site and our all-day breakfast and lunch menu is both delicious and healthy.

Relax and enjoy! You are always welcome.


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Events at Inside Morocco.

Whether the occasion is a corporate function or intimate party, milestone birthday celebration or dream wedding, Inside Morocco can theme your next event. In a marquee or your own home, rustic winery or sleek function centre, we can add a magical and exotic ambience to any venue.


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Shop at Inside Morocco.


We stock a large range of beautiful handmade products sourced from the bustling souks and ancient medinas of Morocco. Our carefully selected pieces are a mixture of traditional Moroccan handicrafts and contemporary Mediterranean design.