Travel Itineraries.

Planning a trip to Morocco? Unsure where to start, what to prioritise, what transport to use to make your dream a reality? If you are looking for an individual experience, tailored to your particular interests, we can help you to work out an itinerary that will work for you. Armed with this knowledge, you can purchase your air tickets yourself through a travel agent of on-line. We can put you in touch with a driver to meet you at your point of arrival, whether that is the ferry terminal at Tangier, Mohammed V Airport at Casablanca or the Marrakech or Fes airports. We have done the long haul from Australia many times now and we are happy to share our experiences and to talk through your ideas and plans and help you make them concrete.

Morocco is rich in culture, steeped in history and artistic tradition. Sitting on a rooftop in Fes, or wandering through the myriad of tiny alleyways where donkeys deliver stock to the vendors and there are no cars or motor bikes, you can imagine you are in the 1300’s. With each twist and turn, you discover another artisan at work, using methods which have changed little in 700 years. Marrakech, also an ancient city, is today a thriving, cosmopolitan city buzzing with frenzied activity, a mecca for young designers and a draw card for celebrities. The stately national capital of Rabat with its new marina, old Kasbah and ancient monuments offers a different experience as does Meknes, one of the four imperial cities. For many, the soul of Morocco is in its snowy peaked mountains and the deserts beyond, both the heart of Berber tradition. If it is a culinary adventure you want, food delights abound wherever you go…

Think about what you want to experience, and tell us how much time you have. We will work with you so you can make it happen.

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